Marvelous Mesclun

Greetings Eaters!

It’s time to think greens! Who cares if you can’t see your car in the driveway due to the drifts? Turn and face the south. Spring is coming…. we promise!!

March is the month for our membership drive. We need to get growing, but before we do, we need to count our chickens. Can we count on you?

New this year, we’re offering a 5% discount if you sign up by March 28th. But that doesn’t mean you can hesitate. The early bird catches the worm, so to speak. (Are we detecting a theme, yet?)

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested or if you plan on flying the coop. After this month, we will pursue other suitors. You can find the sign-up forms on this site under CSA programs. You can pay by cheque or by online transfer.

Spread The Love

If you know of a friend or neighbour that may be interested in becoming a member this year, feel free to pass on our information by inviting them to visit our newly updated web site. If you Facebook, consider liking us and you’ll get frequent updates on what we’re up to and lots of farm photos.

March Madness

On March 28th from 1-4pm, we’re hosting our first on-farm event. We have a small sugar bush with an old fashioned bucket & open boil set-up in a little sugar shack. Members are invited to stop by to experience the return of spring in the woods. We’ll have hot chocolate and a few snacks. Bring the kids and grandkids if you’d like. Leave Bowser at home.

Farm Follies

Remember the “Save the Chantecler Chicken Breed” campaign from last summer? Brief recap: bought breeding pair of rare breed plus 3 ladies; felt good about doing our part to save Canada’s official breed of chicken; had several altercations with rooster named Clare; gained understanding of why breed is endangered (roosters are jerks); made coq au vin; got electrocuted; hatched out 19 chicks; only four were ladies.

Finally, the four have started to lay, but guess what? Two lay blue eggs. Which means, after all that time, and expense, and shocking experiences, we do not have pure bred Chanteclers. Lesson learned. Don’t buy chickens off Kijiji!

More Farm Follies

Remember the stray kitten that our farm helpers felt we needed to have? Well Ramsey warmed his way into our hearts and our mud room and eventually into the house. Being responsible pet owners, he was scheduled to be neutered. I booked the procedure at the vet in Verona having found the contact info on their web site. A few days later, we needed to push the appointment back due to our youngest daughter’s emergency appendectomy (another story). It was now Will’s job to take the cat. When he googled the vet’s site for directions, he thought it odd that the map didn’t make sense. He phoned them to learn that I had made the appointment not in Verona, Ontario but in Verona, Wisconsin! I recall that they had a different area code, but just assumed it was a cell number. Needless to say, we missed the appointment and Ramsey is still fully intact.

Looking forward to feeding your desire for fresh, local, authentic & fantastic food this summer…

– Will & Sharon

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  1. There’s a good spay/neuter clinic in Bath (ON..) right on the main street just west of the lights. Cheaper than vets.

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