Our Story

Ten years ago, at the tender ages of 43 & 42, we decided to make a change. Creativity, challenge and passion were missing from our work lives.   We were already living on a piece of property that hadn’t been farmed for 30 years with the intention of restoring it to its agricultural heritage. All that was needed was the courage and commitment to “go for it.”

Will had a background in horticulture from an earlier career and Sharon had experience in marketing and an interest in local food issues. Both of us had an appreciation of quality food and enjoyed preparing wonderful meals from our small garden. Organic farming seemed like a no brainer.   So we jumped in with all four rubber boots!

It’s been challenging, back-breaking, educational, stimulating and rewarding. We’ve met lots of wonderful like-minded people in customers, helpers and the awesome community of local farmers.

At times we’ve been plagued by pests, over run by weeds, overwhelmed by zucchini and threatened by deer. And we’ve loved every minute of it!

There’s always more to learn. And there’s always more to teach.

Eating in season can be challenging and we know that every family’s eating habits are different.  Trying to cater to the needs of all 80 families that we supply is impossible.  In fact, choosing a CSA, means that you are catering to the needs of the farmer!  You are prepared to try new veggies that we are experimenting with.  You are prepared to eat more carrots than you normally would.  You are prepared to spend more time cooking and more time planning.  And, you understand that everything that we grow will not look perfect.  It’s an effort…  as is organic farming.  We’re thrilled, and relieved, that there are still people out there that care enough about their health, their environment, and their neighbours, to want to make that effort.  So, thank you!

In return, you’ll notice a difference on your plate and on your palate!  We strive for nutrient dense crops which translates into better flavours.  Your meals will become more enjoyable.  You’ll look forward to eating again.  You’ll want to do more dishes (okay, maybe not, but it’ll be worth it!).

Pictures from Freedom Farm