Garden of Eatin’

Little Farm of Horrors!

Little Farm of Horrors!

This garden is the ultimate!  We’re not sure if it’s the weather, our soil being in balance after 8 years of love and attention, the Parisian influence or Mercury in retrograde, but we are overwhelmed with the size of the plants and the yield.  You must come and see it for yourselves!

It’s short notice, but we invite all to have a garden stroll this Monday evening between 6:30-8pm.

We’ll serve iced tea and zucchini bread.  You can meet our wonderful helpers and enjoy a mid-summer’s eve in the country.  To get here, drive 20 minutes north of the 401 on Montreal St./Battersea Rd.  Turn right at the Battersea store.  We’re at 1863.  Drive past the bungalow.  The garden awaits!



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