Freedom Farm FAQ

How does your CSA program work?

As of June 2018, we are no longer providing a delivery service.  Our members have a choice of picking up on Tuesdays at the farm, or on Sundays at the Memorial Centre Farmer’s market.

The  advantages of a CSA are building a relationship with a farm, gaining an understanding of how your food is grown, receiving produce within hours of it being harvested and enjoying it at its peak of freshness and nutrition.  Another advantage of the CSA model is value.  As a reward for investing early in the farm season, our members are given a 10% bonus.

The seasonal share is $450.  You will receive a $500 credit to use at market or at farm gate.  We will keep track of purchases so that you will know what your balance is from week to week.  You can “shop” at the farm or market weekly using your credit from mid-June through October.

When you sign up before March 30th, you will receive an additional 5% bonus!

What do you grow?

The majority of what we grow is the more popular veggies: carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, beans, snap peas, tomatoes and potatoes. We intersperse the selection with veggies that make interesting menus: microgreens, kale, bok choi, baby turnips, lots of herbs, etc. We grow close to 30 different types. We’re about to start our 13th season (woot! woot!) and we believe we’re getting really good at providing an interesting mix and a great value. See our crop list for a complete list.

Is all of your produce organic?

Everything that we grow here is grown organically. We use compost and soil ammendments like rock phosphate, green sand and gypsum to ensure that our vegetables not only taste great, but are nutritious as well.

Can we visit the farm?

Visitors are always welcome with advance notice. We love to give tours of our farm on days when we are not harvesting. Just send us an email to set up a date.