Community Supported Agriculture – Info

How does your CSA program work?

We have two types of baskets; one is weekly and the other, we call bi-weekly. For families that enjoy variety and tend to eat most meals at home, the weekly basket is best. For couples, or families new to the CSA experience, we suggest the bi-weekly option. You can always switch to weekly if you find that you get through the baskets.

The  advantages of a CSA are building a relationship with a farm, gaining an understanding of how your food is grown, receiving produce within hours of it being harvested and enjoying it at its peak of freshness and nutrition.  Another advantage of the CSA model is value.  We strive to provide our customers with at least 20% more value over what they would pay at market.

The weekly basket is $630* and the bi-weekly is $341.25*. Our CSA season is 18 weeks, from mid-June thru mid-October. Customers can pick up at our farm, or we can deliver right to your home. This way, the pressure is off you trying to remember to pick up, and we know for sure that the produce has been delivered. When you sign up before March 30th, you will save 5%! We charge extra for delivery which equates to $4 + HST per basket. Delivery days are Tuesdays and Fridays.

(*Sign up before March 30th and save! Full share is $600 and half share is $325, plus delivery, if required.)



What if I’m away for a week or two?

For vacationers, we have a few options that we find work well: We can drop the basket off at a neighbour’s home for them to hold. Or, we can drop it off at a friend’s (if they are within our driving route) as a gift from you and we’ll include a card. You can pick up your basket at the Memorial Centre Market Farmer’s Market on a Sunday if that works. Or, we can donate it on your behalf to Loving Spoonful. One summer, we had one customer take extra tomatoes and basil instead of a regular basket when she was away which worked really well for her.

What’s in the basket?

We strive for each basket to contain 8-12 items. Every basket contains a generous 10oz bag of mixed greens. The majority of what we grow is the more popular veggies: carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, beans, snap peas, tomatoes and potatoes. We intersperse the selection with veggies that make interesting menus: microgreens, kale, bok choi, baby turnips, lots of herbs, etc. We grow close to 30 different types. We’re about to start our 10th season (woot! woot!) and we believe we’re getting really good at providing an interesting mix and a great value. See our crop list for a complete list.

Is all of your produce organic?

Everything that we grow here is grown organically. The corn and strawberries (crops that are difficult to grow organically) are grown locally by other farms.

Can we visit the farm?

Visitors are always welcome with advance notice. We love to give tours of our farm on days when we are not harvesting. Just give us an email to set up a date.  We a couple of on-farm event days when eveyone is welcome to visit.  Details are in the newsletter.